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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Comedy interests me - The Thin Blue Line

Comedy interests me - The Thin Blue Line

I am supposed to be studying now, which I should get round to, since my break has been long extended. But I was watching Rowan Atkinson on The Thin Blue Line, a very outdated and perhaps even ancient comedy, and one particular scene struck me as very interesting and something that I wanted to write about.

I am listening to Pie Jesu as I am typing this, and there is a sense of calmness around me as I write. Cool, huh :)

Well, in The Thin Blue Line, Inspector Grimms of the CID actually planted evidence so that he could catch a criminal, a famous drug dealer. This drug dealer was wrongly arrested and brought to jail. Rowan Atkinson, when he discovered that the criminal was wrongly accused, told the Defending Lawyer what he knew, and the criminal was set free. And then there was this very memorable scene, when Grimms came to confront Raymond (Atkinson) for actually giving evidence for the defendant (who was a dangerous criminal, wrongly accused) :

Inspector Grimms: A criminal should be put away for the safety of the public!!

Inspector Raymond (Atkinson): The public can be in no greater danger then when the police consider themselves above the law.

Better a criminal goes free, then the police become criminals themselves.

Grimms: A violent, disgusting drug pusher walked free because of you goodie, goodie.... @#))#_(!_(_@!(#_(@_!!!!

then suddenly, Grimms cries!

... I hate myself. There's nothing lower than a bad copper. It's just that I wanted that poor soul so badly. I'm glad you stopped it, Raymond...

This was so moving, that I didn't think it was comedy any more.

Sometimes there's so much beauty in comedy that it's really great stuff. There's a lot of philosophy, moral and ethical philosophy here in fact, that it's great stuff. The Plato, Socrates and Xenophon, and all the other philosophers that I study and read about now, are interesting, but not as interesting as a slapstick comedy which has occasional moments of great brilliance in philosophy, morality and idealism.

Did I mention that I am a fan of British comedy? Especially with Rowan Atkinson? :)

Anything that interests me!