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Friday, June 20, 2008

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

(After that, I swear, I'll get back to mentalism, magic, Derren Brown, card manipulation and the like! For more on the paranormal and supernatural, you may want to visit Psychic Phenomena and Hypnosis, my other website dedicated to psychic powers and hypnosis, while trying to show a true believer's point of view and a skeptic's rational point of view... might be interesting, and the arguments and reasoning are all introductory for the unintiated :) )

Since I am writing about Anything that Interests Me, I am going to write about Calvin and Hobbes. Sloth has set in and nowadays I don't bother to check out the spellings, so if I spelt either Calvin or Hobbes wrongly, well, it's not my fault! OK, if I did, it is.

I was at the library waiting for my friend Mabel, when I decided to have a look at the comics section.

I was actually gunning for Batman, especially the Asylum Series, partly because I am "crazy" and I like asylums, and partly (mainly, actually) because the Asylum Series, which shows the Arkam prisoners and the madness of the doctors administering to the likes of the Joker and the Riddler, is the most interesting product line in the Batman merchandise.

Then I came across my old love Calvin and Hobbes and read it, and three of the best cartoons in the whole book are reproduced here for your leisure and enjoyment (and mainly because these are the things that interested me):


Mom (to Dad): You'd better think of something fast...

Hobbes: No worries, we tigers are naturally gifted.

Calvin: Well, here's a present from me to you. Hope it fits.
And then Calvin hugs his tiger.

Hobbes: The best presents don't come in boxes; I'll treasure this one forever.

Calvin had been spending a lot of time and effort earning some toy, and so, in conversation with his tiger...

Calvin: I can't believe every time I get my hopes up, it doesn't arrive. And then when it doesn't, the chance of it coming tomorrow increases, and I get my hopes up even higher, only to see them dashed. I have been disappointed so many times, I think I am numb to it.

Hobbes: Well, what happens if they manage to get it sent today, at the last minute, because...

And Calvin runs off.

Hobbes: He isn't numb!

and the best part of it is that when Calvin got his toy, he accidentally broke a part of it. And then he blamed his tiger.

Calvin: It's all your fault! (CRIES)

Hobbes: It's not my fault, and look, I didn't even touch it!

Calvin: I know, I know... But... Considering that my life is in shambles right now, could you please take the blame?

And my all time favourite, which breaks my heart every time:

Calvin catches a butterfly, and puts it in a jar.

Hobbes: If people could put rainbows in zoos, they'd do it.
(Or was it: If people could put rainbows in cages, they'd do it...)

And Calvin thought about it for a moment, and then released the butterfly. I found that very touching.

Alright, that's it for this post. Calvin and Hobbes is a philsophical cartoon and isn't all that slapstick and simple as some people think it to be. A real work of art and philosophy. I recommend it as compulsory reading... nah, just a good comic to read. Cheers!

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