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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Angela Funovits, mentalism and card manipulation!

Angela Funovits, mentalism and card manipulation!

Today I will be writing about Angela Funovits, mentalism and card manipulation! Even a casual reader who happened to chance on my writings should know, I have an abiding interest in mentalism and magic. One particular aspect that fascinates me the most is card manipulation, which is a really fancy way of saying card tricks, or card moves that are really cool. You know, where the magician pulls out cards from thin air. Or makes them appear and disappear. Angela Funovits is not just a card manipulator, but also a mentalist and magician, who ranks somewhere below Penn and Teller on my list, and you know, Penn and Teller are bloody good.

Alright, how did I get to know about Angela Funovits?

She is a new and rising magician, and there are lots of those around, so you might be wondering how I came to know about her in the vast sea of upcoming mentalists. Derren Brown, my favourite, is very much more famous and she is less famous than he is (as at 2008, because for all you know, next year in 2009 she might be the biggest star on earth).

Well, this is what happened: I was watching Uri Geller embarrass himself on The Next Uri Geller when I saw Angela Funovits. I shall watch her, I thought. This was after I had seen Sos Petrosyan, Morta Deller and the rest of them anyways.

OK, I will be very honest and say that I thought Angela was pretty, so that is why I carried on watching.

OK, OK, I have guilt pangs here, she was a model before, and she is pretty. That's why I watched her when I could have gone back to Derren Brown. Alright. Alright! I admit it, I admit it. Sorry! I'm shallow.


As far as the show went, she managed to read the mind of some German guy and managed to burn or imprint the name that he was thinking of onto her legs. Angela Funovits has nice long legs and I was so horrified to see her using flames on those, but what the heck, it was a great show and voila, the word magically appeared. (Rich Ferguson can do that too, though.) I was hooked, and so bothered to find out who she was. She had appeared on Phenomenon before, and so I went to watch that as well. Angela also appeared on other shows and even has a card manipulation clip on YouTube, so I watched all that and was hooked. She is good!

Angela Funovits managed to put her hand through many trials and tribulations and knives and still has them still. I especially enjoyed it because the knives made the trick seem more dangerous and very full of tension.

Angela Funovits managed to saw through a box with a man hidden in one out of four or five boxes... without killing the man, of course.

She also did a lot of card tricks and mind reading tricks that all mentalists are so fond of. Good stuff!

With regards card manipulation, I would say the little kid Sos Petrosyan is one of the best and most precocious in the world. Nonetheless Angela Funovits has many advantages over him: she's prettier, taller and more trained than he is (after all, he's a kid). I especially loved her on the YouTube video and on her websites. Angela Funovits has lots of websites and can be seen everywhere from facebook to myspace and more.

Alright, here's a brief summary: who's Angela Funovits? A good and talented up and coming mentalist and magician, and card manipulator.

Why do I like Angela Funovits? She's pretty, cool, and very talented as a mentalist. Apparently Angela prefers the term surrealist, whatever it means, but mentalism was the term I first came into contact with, so "mentalist" she is. She does really good card tricks and manipulations too! Clever, pretty, talented and charming - what more could you ask for in an entertainer? I love Angela Funovits.

I have been practising my card manipulation... for about 5 mins a week. And I still am really really bad it, bless my socks!

Did I mention Angela Funovits is really good at card manipulation?

Anything that interests me!

PS Added as an afterthought: I think Angela Funovits' determination to show the world that girls can do magic too is very commendable. Angela Funovits is definitely the best female mentalist in the world now, and I think that she will have more great times ahead and a sterling career. Angela Funovits will show the world that girls can do magic rather than just being assistants and, in some cases, be even better than the boys. OK, don't slam me. Cheers.