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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Something nearly happened today!

Something nearly happened today!

I was at the Indian burger shop buying my dinner as usual when a hooded big man came up to me and demanded something. I didn't hear what he was saying but he looked pretty dangerous, and even the fat old Indian man serving me looked quite worried. I then realised that he was asking me for either money or a Pepsi. I decided quite astutely that my life and personal safety was more important than Pepsi, which I never liked that much except every now and then anyways, and so I handed over my drink. Mind you, sometimes Rusholme isn't that safe a place. Then that man soon left.

When I finally got my burger and was about to leave, sans my drink which I had voluntary, or involuntarily, given away, the old burger shop man stopped me and gave me another Pepsi. I told him, never mind, it's alright, but he still insisted and smiled at me. I never knew the old man could smile, but I was quite touched. I didn't actually miss the drink at all, as it kind of saved my life, but the old man's kind gesture was really impressive.

And on another note, when I was at Krispy in the morning to buy my usual chicken and stuff, I noticed that my Pakistani "brother" was missing. I asked short guy where he went, and he said, didn't you know, now he's a security guard somewhere else.

I actually felt a tinge of sadness and missed my Pakistani brother. The whole of Rusholme is slowly changing... the prices, the people, and in one month's time I shall be back in safe, lovely, sweet Singapore.

But I will undoubtedly miss the old burger flipping man and my Pakistani brother. And Rusholme too, as well.

Rusholme too.

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