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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Psychic powers, mentalism and the like...

Psychic powers, mentalism, and the like...

OK, I know I am supposed to be studying for my examinations now, but I have a big confession to make. I am mental. I mean, I am interested in mentalism. Actually, I was considering whether to start an entire new blog on mentalism, psychic powers, psychic phenomena and the like, dealing with the supernatural and the occult, and everybody's favourite ouija board and stuff of that nature (or supernature), but right now I think I will just write down such stuff right here on this personal blog. Maybe I will indeed set up such a psychic blog after my examinations end and when I return to Singapore in less than 3 weeks.

Alright, here's the rub: Many many many many people believe in psychic powers and psychic phenomena. I will be the first to admit that I considered it quite realistic in my childhood days and used to read all about clairvoyants, mind readers, psychics, Uri Geller, and the like. However, the problem is that having come to England and seeing Derren Brown... I have reached the conclusion that psychic powers are basically... bollocks.

If I decide to set up a blog entirely devoted to psychic powers, I will just ignore all the mentalist things in my head and write about psychic powers. Here on my personal blog I will instead write about mentalism and hope you'll just bloody bear with me and believe me for the moment, that psychics are just people who bluff you.

Mentalism is a kind of magic, and this magic deals with your mind rather than with sleight of hand or trickery. In a sense, all magic is trickery; but mentalism is more than trickery. Mentalism is all about tricks of the mind. As the more astute among you will immediately know, and the *click* will just come right in your brain - aha - Tricks of the Mind, ain't that the book that Derren Brown wrote?

Yes, Derren Brown is a mentalist. And I am proud to say that I am going to be a mentalist. I am mental already, and so being a mentalist isn't going to be that much difficult. Kidding.

Using psychology, is it really possible to make people think in ways that you want them to think?

Using trickery and misdirection, is it possible to make some move deftly and economically into a state of mind that makes it simpler to suggest something?

Is Derren Brown even telling us the truth, or is he honest about his dishonesty and we don't know what is real and what is not, and we all descend into hellish nihilism? OK, that's me talking.

What I am trying to say is that mentalism is more believable and more explanatory in character than psychic powers are - there are phenomena that cannot be explained, but if we see them as tricks of the mind rather than true phenomena like spoons bending or card selections, then we will finally realise the truth that mentalists are the real psychics.

I wonder, should I set up a blog entirely for psychic phenomena and the supernatural, or should I just contaminate my private blog with the issues that clog my cluttered mind at present? This is indeed a cunning and tricky conundrum.

Anything that interests me! And currently ... it's mentalism!