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Monday, May 26, 2008

Morta Deller

Morta Deller is the Next Uri Geller!

OK, I am supposed to studying for my last two examination papers but I have decided to write about Oliver Pocher, who acts as Morta Deller. Morta Deller is the next Uri Geller!

I found it very excruciatingly funny and very cute that Morta Deller (Oliver Pocher's screen name for this particular character) went on the Next Uri Geller show and showed us how powerful a mentalist and magician he is. The Next Uri Geller was a programme show for the world's mentalists to compete for the title of the Next Uri Geller. Here came Morta Deller. It happened like this.

The doors opened and in came Morta Deller. Uri Geller asked him, as he always asked all his contestants, "What are you going to show us today?"

And Morta Deller replied: "Ich kann Gedanken lesen und ich hoere Stimme." Hahaha! He was a real joker and a comedian, and not a mentalist. And Uri Geller, with a straight face and as if he were playing real poker, said: "Morta Deller, the stage is yours."

Morta Deller (hahahaha) is such an incredible Mentalist that he can predict that when you pick up the phone you will hear something. Morta Deller went to the USA to exhibit his skills, and astounded critics and unbelievers alike when he managed to mind read the Americans easily.

Morta Deller (to a man who was smoking): You love to smoke.
Man: That's right!!

Morta Deller (to a Chinese lady): You are not from here, the USA. You are, you are, you are from Hong Kong.
Woman: HAHAHA... yes.... I told you that just now!

Morta Deller (to a postman): You are working for a German company... DHL!
Postman: That's amazing.

I don't know why, but every time I watch Morta Deller I still feel like laughing even though the joke is stale and we all know that his mentalist powers are fake. He's a fake psychic, fake mentalist, James Randi didn't even bother proving or disproving him... because Morta Deller is Oliver Pocher, the German comedian. FUNNY! With a capital F, and UNNY.

I love Morta Deller's magical powers when it comes to the main exhibition:
1. He can fly... up escalators.
2. He can lift up elevators with his hand movements. First he can close the doors of the lift without touching it, then he can make it move upwards.
3. He can open... automatic doors.
4. He can open car windows without touching them.
5. He can open car boots without touching them.
6. He can make a coffee cup disappear by covering it.

Morta Deller can do all that and much more! Hahahahaha!

I was watching Sos Petroysan (if I spelt his name correctly, and normally I'd bother to check it up, but today I'm feeling lazy and don't want to bother to check up his name) and he was incredible on the Next Uri Geller. Sos can do the usual spoon bending magic and Sos can also do the incredible mind reading and prediction abilities expected from most mentalists and most psychics. Sos is incredible and I love him pretty much, especially since he is such a young talent and can't be more than 14, 15 years old as at 2008.

But the funniest thing is that despite my abiding interest in magic and mentalism, I still think that Oliver Pocher, I mean, Morta Deller, is much better a magician and a mentalist than all the other mentalists on the Next Uri Geller. Hear me out. How can Morta Deller be better than Angela Funovits, the talented US magician and mentalist, and Sos the little kid who can bend spoons and read minds? Not possible.

It's because magic is about a relationship - a relationship between the magician and the person watching, and there must be something that binds them together. In terms of skill, Morta Deller knows nothing. It's true. But in terms of entertainment, Morta Deller is much much better a showman and a cunning trickster than the other mentalists. Morta Deller can make you laugh and make you think and he can hold the suspense in, whereas we all already know that the next mentalist holding a spoon has the psychic ability to bend it. Morta Deller is funny and refreshing.

For instance, I loved it when he could correctly tell a person's passport number. I was wondering how on earth he did it when he has no magic powers and he is a fake mentalist. Then Morta Deller said: "Das hat gut geklappt, Papa" and hahaha! It was his old man. Morta Deller can remember a person's Ausweis Nummer because ... it's his old man. The intense suspense and the amazement that a comedian is such a psychic... hahaha! Yup. Morta Deller is the better showman. I also kind of dislike the fact that some mentalists and psychics do their tricks to death. Spoon bending is fine for people who rarely see it, but all the time? A bit thick, ain't it? Try something new, like Derren Brown does.

Enough on Morta Deller, my favourite comedian and my favourite Next Uri Geller candidate. Remember, by the way, that he is a fake mentalist. So if you accidentally or deliberately came to my blog looking for Derren Brown, Derren is on the previous post. Also, if you came here looking for psychics, mentalism, paranormal, etc, they are all posts somewhere here on my blog. Here somewhere, you'll find them. This post is dedicated to Morta Deller the fake psychic and fake magician and fake mentalist.

Morta Deller is damn funny. And his alter-ego, German comedian Oliver Pocher is also damn funny. You can take my word on this one!

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