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Friday, May 16, 2008

At Rusholme again...

I just came back Rusholme, and it's 12 degrees outside with pouring rain... and I am totally drenched and wearing only one layer of clothes. And we zoom back to the burger store once again...

Maybe I should have a Rusholme and my fave burger store series! :)

Anyways, I was buying my burger when an Indian man asked me where I was from. I said, Singapore, and he said, ah, thought you were from Shanghai. He then remarked that Shanghai was going to be the next Tokyo, and I concurred. When he got his kebab and left the place, I waved goodbye to him and wished him all the best.

When I left the shop, there he was. He was waiting outside and accosted me, and asked me if there were businesses to do in Singapore, and we chatted for a while in the rain (I was freezing). He asked me about Singapore and also asked me if it was better to do business in Singapore than in Malaysia, which was actually a brilliant question. I had no idea, but humbly suggested my home country, of course, with due pride.

I then gave him my email and number and asked him to get in touch with me if he wanted to have any help. He was quite impressed and then even gave me kindly fatherly advice like drink more tea and have a nice long bath. He is after all a British born Indian. That was quite kind of him actually.

I now have promised an Indian man looking to set up a food joint and an advertising company in Singapore that I will show him around NUS... goodness. Maybe I had been Derren Brown-ed. Kidding. Or more likely I am madly helpful.

And I am still freezing!

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